Best Copper Water Bottles in India 2020

It is proved that copper has numerous healthful benefits for human beings. In early days, people in India were using copper pots to store water, because they know the benefits of the water stored in copper pots. The fact is most of the people in India use plastic water storage.

While choosing a water bottle one should consider a copper water bottle instead of selecting other containers made of different materials. There are lots of benefits to our body in using copper bottles. It improves overall health and immunity of our body.

The copper is essential for many metabolic activities in our body. It naturally purifies the water when stored. We have reviewed some of the best selling copper water bottles in this guide

Prestige Tattva Copper Water Bottle

Prestige Tattva Copper Water Bottle

Prestige is a very well-known brand in its high quality kitchen products in India. You can trust their products by the name itself.

They have introduced Tattva Copper Water Bottle in their product range, which is beautifully designed to perfection with glossy finish. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to carry.

It promises best health benefits by giving a pure copper made water bottle to its customers. It uses silicon seal which prevent the water leakage and opening and closing of bottle lid made easy.

You can clean it inside using vinegar, salt and water and outside of the bottle can be cleaned by gently rubbing with a slice of lemon sprinkled with pinch of salt on it to restore its shine.

Unify Hammered Copper Bottle, 1 liter

Unify Hammered Copper Water Bottle

Copper water bottles are great alternative over plastic water bottles giving good health benefits and also good for the environment.

Unify copper bottles are best quality handcrafted copper bottles made up of pure copper that can give you better health benefits. You can really enjoy the Ayurvedic benefits using this bottle.

The design of this copper water bottle gives you aesthetic style to drinking from a copper bottle.

Its jointless design makes it leak proof and cleaning made easy. Put some lemon juice and salt in the bottle, fill half of the bottle with hot water, leave the bottle for a few minutes. After 15-20 minute shake it well and rinse away the water from a bottle & Clean it with normal water for 2-3 times. Clean the bottle once in a week.

Ayurveda Copper™ Pure Copper Printed Water Bottle 1 Litre

Ayurveda Copper™ Pure Copper Water Bottle 1 Litre

Ayurveda Copper water bottle is a printed design copper bottle looks more attractive adding style and health benefits.

It is a pure copper water bottle with capacity of 1 liter that can be enough to use in office, school or college hrs.

There are no joints which doesn’t leak or break easily

Printed design gives a stylish look to the bottle but don’t forget to wash it regularly to retain its beauty.

Zuperia Pure Copper Bottle 1 Liter

Zuperia Pure Copper Water Bottle 1 Liter

Zuperia pure copper bottle uses purest copper and finest technology to manufacture the bottles. The capacity of this bottle is 1 liter that can be sufficient for one to two persons.

More threads in its lid made this bottle leak proof and also it has a silicon ring that doesn’t allow water to leak from its cap.

Cleaning this bottle is very easy. Its wide mouth made it extremely easy to clean it. You can clean by filling this bottle half with hot water then leave the bottle for few minutes. After 15-2t0 minutes shake well and remove the water then clean it with normal water for 2 to 3 times. Do this once at least once it a week.

This bottle is rust free and made from pure copper even its lid. For the best results keep the water filled in the bottle overnight or for 8 hrs. and consume the water in the morning for betterment of your health.

Milton Copperas 1000 Copper Bottle

Milton Copperas 1000 Copper Bottle,

This copper bottle is from Milton which is one of the renowned company in India. The water capacity is 920 ml that is sufficient for 2-3 persons in a house to consume in the morning.

The bottle is made of pure copper and gives good health benefits when you store the water overnight.

The silicon seal in its lid ensuring no leakage of water. Its beautiful design gives you aesthetic style.

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